Many of the world’s most innovative regenerative agriculture farmers and manufacturers from around the globe are turning to CMTREX Global to gain access to verified products and develop new sourcing channels.

Cannabis and hemp

Since 2018 we have been providing a dynamic matching and clearing framework for accredited cultivators and manufacturers creating an award-winning international trading ecosystem.


Our active presence in the regenerative farming sectors has facilitated the development of an innovative waste-based biofuel market. Our endeavours to aggregate and process organic waste have led us to innovate trading mechanisms in this exciting evolving market.


Our passion for mindful consumerism has led us to develop our own vertical integration into the beverages industry. With infrastructure investments and certified aligned third-parties we have developed tools and networks mitigating procurement and product developments risks across the boutique wine, spirits, craft beer and probiotic super-drinks markets.

Finished Products

Our collaborative involvement with our customers has led to the development of an end-to-end digital sales and marketing solution via the This demand-driven industry calls for the provision of authenticated products with supply-chain provenance ensuring consumers have access to verifiable products with impact-driven narratives.